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You're viewing Resident Evil : Deadly Silence Cheat Codes

Game Name : Resident Evil : Deadly Silence
System : Nintendo DS
Date Added : 2005-11-22 19:00:22
Views : 19332

Unlock Rocket Launcher in maingame
Beat any scenario in under 3 hours to gain the Rocket Launcher for your next run through the game. It'll be in your inventory when you start from your completed save.

Alternate costumes
Complete Jill Valentine's scenario with Barry Burton alive or Chris Redfield's scenario with Rebecca Chambers alive. Save the game, then load the cleared game file to start with the Special Key in your inventory. Use it to unlock the closet in Mansion 1F to access the alternate costumes. Note: The alternate costumes are different in Classic and Rebirth modes.

Touching Jill
Leave Jill alone until she enters her inactive animation (hand-on-hip pose). Get your stylus and give her a tap in the chest area, or if she's facing away from the camera, tap her behind. Marvel at the bonus animated resposes.

Unlock Barry for wireless mode
Beat the game with Jill once

Unlock Wesker in wireless mode
Get a Rank B in Masters of Knifing.

Unlock Characters in Multiplayer
Barry Burton - Complete Rebirth Mode as Jill.
Rebecca Chambers - Complete Rebirth Mode as Chris.
Kenneth J. Sullivan - Complete Classic Mode as Chris.

Unlock Masters of Knifing
Beat the game once to unlock the 5 level mini game Masters of Knifing.

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